Established in Bali in 2016, Outpost is a collaborative, productive coworking and coliving community based in idyllic, culturally-rich locations. Outposts empower individuls, groups and teams to design their ideal lifestyle. 

For years, cofounders David and Bryan searched to find the perfect productive space. They lived nomadically, but never found it. So, they decided to build it.

They saw that technology was about to empower millions of us to have a larger say in our life design. They saw people breaking out of the stereotypical work/life grind, choosing to live in idyllic locales. They saw them seeking a life of adventure, connection, and experiences that make a difference.

They built Outpost for them, for you! Comfy chairs, big tables and an amazing community of doers that could supercharge your productivity.

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The Green Penthouse is the creation of the Gjemmestad family, who have lived in South East Asia for 23 years. It sits at the top of the Yellow Tower, their home for business and family in Phnom Penh.

The vision for creating a nature-inspired environment in the city came to the family after spending time deep in the Cambodian jungle, in the Kirirom National Park, just two hours drive outside of Phnom Penh. Coming back to the city they didn’t want to leave the jungle behind, so they brought it with them.

They built the Yellow Tower into a living vertical forest, experimenting with growing over 100 plant species on the façade and within the building.

Now, encased by 2,400m² of climbing plant life, the vertical forest on the Yellow Tower is a testament to the family’s relationship with nature—a reminder that while cities grow, plants were here before us and will be here after us. This reminder inspires a sense of awe—one of the most restorative emotions we can experience. It improves health, instills calmness, opens intuition and boosts creativity. It promotes altruism, and gives us the capacity to cope with life’s demands.

We hope that our vertical forest demonstrates that cities do not need to be at odds with nature or human nature. By living and working together as a community within a plant-filled environment, we bring benefits to ourselves and our environment, opening our minds to change.
— the Gjemmestad Family