"One of the best places I've worked"

When I first saw Outpost Cambodia, I was completely floored. It is a beautiful building, covered in greenery which makes you incredibly excited about going to work. The biggest joy is the recreation area. It has a well-equipped kitchen, xbox, books, beanbags, a piano and a hammock. They have a snack area where you can get a wide assortment of chips, biscuits and chocolates. I would occasionally sit on the balcony or the rooftop and just enjoy the view while I worked. The hosts Mino, Lida and Patricia were a delight. They are very helpful and friendly. They organised a bunch of fun events for us from movie nights to talks to barbecues. It is a great place to network as well. There were people from all over the world who were working on various projects there - from software developers to filmmakers, they had it all. For a short while they even had chefs from a local restaurant over so that we'd get nice hot, freshly cooked food. I still crave some of the amazing breakfast I was served there. All in all, it was an amazing place to work. I've not seen another coworking place with such nice facilities, such positive vibes and such nice hosts

Harsh Thakar