"Outpost is such a lovely Cowering/Coliving space. "

Outpost is such a lovely Cowering/Coliving space. I completely fell in love with this space and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Patricia is a wonderful host. She was super helpful and reached out to me even before I landed in Phnom Penh. The rooms are beautiful, spacious and clean and located on the 7th floor. The 6th floor is the common area with the kitchen and living room area. Its so nice (and convenient) that they have a chef in the kitchen from M-F so you can order food from them at low prices. Outpost is located across from the city so you have to take a ferry or tuk tuk to get to where all the action is but on the plus side you will experience the most incredible sunsets over the city from the rooftop at Outpost.

Wendy, Miami, FL