"The Best Coworking space in Phnom Penh!"

This is definately the best coworking space in Phnom Penh and could easilly be the best in Cambodia too! I have seen other spaces in the city and they are just not in same league. The space is gorgeous! Its set up on several floors in a very unique building that is all covered in green lush which they call a vertical forest. You don't see this everyday! The space itself is equipped with all the amenities you might need from a coworking space and the views...The views are amazing!!! The building is actually located in the Chroy Changvar peninsula which is located in the Mekong river on the east sight of the city center, so you can see the whole city because the space is on the 5th, 6th and 7th floor of the space. You can even stay in the building because they have co-living space on the 7th floor with several bedrooms!

 Borislav Hristov