"Comfortable space and impressive hospitaly"

I am a digital nomad and moving around the world. Originally planned to stay here for 2 weeks, but eventually extended to 1.5 month since I felt this place is so comfortable.

The place is clean, spacious with high ceilings, and have relaxing atmosphere with great city view from the highest floor of the building. It is also quiet and good for doing some works with your computer. 

The hospitality, primarily due to the manager from Europe, is impressive. He is always caring about the visitors with professional attitude and trying to ensure the best experiences here. He sometimes provided visitors some dishes he cooked by himself, those including pizza and Asian cuisine. Those were tasty and having those lunches or dinners, visitors could communicate with each other. 

When I come back to Phnom Penh, I will definitely stay here. Quality of life here is superb and close to semi-luxury even though this low price.
you can have quite different experience that you may typically imagine as a life in Phnom Penh.