"Your first choice"

I’d really love to recommand outpost Cambodia for those who come to Cambodia. The environment is so beautiful and cozy, and everything is well-designed. It’s special not only because the hardwares, but also the people here. I met Shine, the manager here, and we became really good friends. He made me feel like home all the time when I feel a bit stressed out in Cambodia. He is truely friendly, generous, kind and etc.. He is taking good care of my staying here, inviting me for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He’s also a hardworking guy, he cares a lot about the the wellbeing of the house, he is trying to make it real big family. As well as Kim, the owner of this building, though he doesn’t work for outpost, he contributes a lot to make the house better! I’m gonna miss this place and I will definitely come back again next time! In one word, it’s always your first choice to stay with Outpost!