"A beautiful place with Love and Spirit"

We came here as a couple. The building itself has a stunning image from the outside with Green all upon the walls. The entrance of Outpost, which is located on the top of the building on the 6th floor, as well as the whole facility is one of its kind like and very beautiful. Very warming and lovely decoration on two floors. The welcoming by ‘Shine’, who’s shiny spirit was enlightening our souls with comfort and laughter, was very special. Thanks to Shine as well as to Maegan, who is managing the Outpost perfectly and was there for all our needs whenever we needed something. Also special thanks to Avy for supporting us, at any time there for us as well, communicating with the boatsman to cross the river and ordering food. Oh, Taling about food: Shine, I will never forget the Pizza lunch and dinners. Missing all of it by now, about to leave the Outpost and continue my travels. At last but not least, big thanks to Kim, the owner who is a very good host and the creator of this dreamy, real and cozy working space. See you all again hopefully.

Efkan B