"More than a co-working space. "

I have made several co-working space though Asia and Outpost Cambodia is for sure the best. In fact, it's more than a simple co-working space in which you are working, it's a sharing and creating place. There are so many places and desks to work that you will for sure find your perfect environment to work properly. The wi-fi is the best i have ever used (110mbps via speedtest.net). Which is making this place so unique is definitely the living place : so many sofas in which you can easily take a nap, take a break by watching a movie with the home-cinema, enjoying a coffee on the difference terraces in front of the Mekong, preparing your dinner at the kitchen, playing music, painting, making you gym and so long ... Finally, the staff is so kind and friendly that every morning it always put people in good mood when you see them ! I will definitely recommend Outpost !!

Bertrand Aymes