"A pop-up coworking space by Bali's best!"

Outpost Phnom Penh is a pop-up coworking space managed by Outpost, Bali's biggest and coolest coworking space. It is located in a unique building called The Yellow Tower in the area between two rivers. I heard that they have recently started free ferry service for members to cross the river. So, coming back to space, the building in which Outpost is located is pretty unique with verticle forest all around. The coworking space is located on 5th floor but members can also use 6th floor chillout zone if they want more relaxed and informal atmosphere. There are 8 rooms in the coliving space on the 7th floor. They often use . the rooftop for parties and events. Overall, an awesome place by people I trust!

Mayur Sontakke