"The best co-working space in Cambodia "

Just 2 cents from someone who've been working here for a month-ish. I'll breakdown the review into 3 main points Amenities: Fastest wifi i have experienced in town, Unlimited coffee and tea (Coffee is bloody great!). Comfortable, spacious and cozy area for you to work at the living room. In addition to that, There's also meeting rooms, skype rooms, seminar rooms and plenty of office space around. Also, good amount of natural light and greens surrounding 360°. There's also xbox, pool table, guitar, piano etc.. for members to play Cost: $5 for a day pass or pay $50 a month for unlimited access. Well worth the price considering you will be paying thrice or more for the same quality in other countries Accessibility: Outpost is located on the other end of the city so getting there can be quite inconvenient for people who doesn't have a personal transport. Map can be quite deceiving but It'll only takes you 15mins to get across by motorbike from the city center or get yourself and your motorbike onto the ferry near naga world that operate daily multiple times a day. Outpost also have their own boat which runs 24/7 service and it's free for Outpost members! It's 7-10min-ish for the ride. Overall Rating: Easiest rating i could review. 5 out of 5 definitely!

Kaynen Toh